These Are a Few of our Favorite Things

The hustle and bustle of the Holidays is upon us and the crew at StoneFruit Coffee Co. wants to help you knock off some shopping for the coffee lover in your life. We poured a fresh cup and asked each member of our crew for their caffeinated can’t live without it, everyone should have it item.


Josh the ‘Chief Coffee Meister’


What: Kenya Kabingara


Why: “I tend to always find a new roast I love, but right now I am hooked on our Kenya Kabingara. Its notes are syrupy, creamy, tart and intense with blueberry, burnt sugar, and caramel. It is one of those roasts that everyone who has tried it has come to love and appreciate. Another awesome thing about this coffee is the co-op offers incentives like school fee loans and field training to their farmers to participate in coffee growing and increase their production and quality. I definitely recommend giving this bag and keeping one for yourself this holiday season.”


Where: $7 a bag at StoneFruit Coffee Co.


Jenn the ‘Social Media & Marketing Guru’


What: CHEMEX & Filters


Why: “No coffee arsenal is complete without owning at least one CHEMEX coffeemaker. Not only does it make the perfect cup of coffee (hot or iced) it looks elegant in your kitchen. They come in a variety of sizes to meet anyone’s needs too. It’s the perfect way to impress your holiday guests with after dinner joe, since lets be on honest, no one wants your K-Cup.”


Where: Price Ranges depending on size, available at StoneFruit Coffee Co. & at


Ben the ‘Roasting Equipment Extraordinaire’


What: Frankenstein House Blend


Why: “The Frankenstein blend is my go to every single day. The cup pleases from start to finish with a smooth bold taste. If buying this for someone I recommend getting a few bags since it tends to go so quickly when guests are over.”


Where: $7 a bag at StoneFruit Coffee Co.


Hunter the ‘Numero Uno Barista’


What: HarioV60 Pourover & Filters


Why: “If you have the time in your routine to make the perfect brew one cup at a time, the Hario V60 series is the perfect gift. Taking the time for one cup at a time offers an exquisite extraction method and the price point of the Hario is also a bargain. For me, the Hario system never fails to bring out the richness of the different notes. In my opinion, no coffee lover should be without this stellar system.”




Chelsea the ‘Brand Ambassador’


What: Meaningful Mug



Why: “How good my coffee tastes is directly related to the cuteness of my cup. I tend to lean towards mugs pertaining to dogs, but what makes this gift so unique is how much you can personalize it. If you know a quirky fact about a friend or family member you can find a mug that will inspire them every morning. It’s a gift that you can almost guarantee they will use daily and keep for years to come.”


Where: StoneFruit Coffee Co. offers a wide selection of mugs, as well as many other specialty stores. Find the one that speaks to you.


Lia the ‘Barista’


What: Coffee Related Apparel



Why: “Coffee is a huge part of my life, so why not wear it too. One of my favorite apparel pieces is from StoneFruit’s ‘Coffee Is My Spirit Animal’ collection. I have it in the tank as well as the baseball tee and I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. They have a lot of options for both guys and girls.”


Where: $20-$27 at StoneFruit Coffee Co.