Sweetest Day

History Lesson…
Soooo, a couple of blog posts back I made a side ways comment about made up holidays like National Coffee Day and Sweetest Day.  And the reason for there creation to only further revenue during the pre-holiday season… (BTW there is less than 70 days until Christmas! Yeah, how’s that for a Halloween scare?!)
Back to the holiday at hand, Sweetest Day was originally created back in 1922 on the third Saturday in October by Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy company employee who lived in Cleveland, Ohio. 
So I was way off the mark. Kingston created the Holiday not Hallmark or Hershey:-/ #someoneneedstoreadmore
Mr. Kingston’s goal was to try and bring happiness to the lives of those (sing it with me: “those poor unfortunate souls” the little mermaid anyone?!?) anyways those who were forgotten, such as orphans, the elderly, and handicapped people who were unable to leave there homes.
Kingston and others distributed candy and small gifts to show them that someone cared, like a real life off season Santa Clause!!!!

As time went on movie stars of the early 1930’s used their fame to get attention for the holiday.

Two such stars were Ann Pennington who distributed candy to 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys, and Theda Bara who gave candy to theater-goers and patients in Cleveland hospitals.

What started off as a day to remember “the sweetest of them all” has turned into a Midwestern Mini Valentine’s Day. Which I should also mention is slowly, but surely spreading to Florida, Texas and California.

Also, surprisingly, it’s a holiday that is centered around men which P.S. Is news to me! But yeah today is a day where (with respect to all gender norms, titles, and roles or none of the above if that’s how you roll) the women buy small love tokens and sweets for their man to just say hey “I remember you;)”

So, on a day which was made into a holiday way when back when Flappers were making fashion history.  Today might be a great day to get your man a sweet cup of coffee and hit the costume shop because Halloween is right around the bend!!!  

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