October at StoneFruit

“He’s starting a bit young, don’t you think?”.
So there I am a blue crayon in one hand and my other reaching ever upward towards the chesty Ponderosa waitress, as she asks my mother what she’d like to drink.
Coincidentally it was at that moment, the one where I screamed “TATAS!” That my mother regretted, naming my pacifier the breast related word. Given the circumstances, of  my request “binky” would have been a much better choice. 
With a toothy grin and at distance to prevent me from launching my 18 month old self onto her chest like something out of the movie “Alien”; she said to my very embarrassed mother “He’s starting a bit young, don’t you think?”
This was one of my mothers favorite stories and in honor of October’s breast cancer awareness month I thought it would be a fun tid bit to share with you. 
When it comes to breast cancer, more is better…. Coffee that is.. SAY WHATTT?!
Yes! Coffee, glorious hand shaking coffee has been secretly protecting our original creamers and thanks to one Arizona based Nathuropath, we have one more reason to say yes to a coffee refill! 
Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Lisa Alschuler, ND, FABNO, a naturopathic physician who has board certification in naturopathic oncology. 
Through her study she discovers a 20% reduction in overall breast cancer risk when women consumed 5 cups of 5 oz. of coffee a day.   You can read the full study here :

Over a month ago local news sources of the Mahoning county reported that its citizens exceeded the national average for breast cancer related cases. 

Thanks to invaluable research, valley residents have one more reason to self check, pop into the Mamo Van or simply stop and see the good doctor.
I am sure that Coffee will not cure cancer, but now you can feel a little bit better about the vast amounts of coffee you drink. Because, NO YOUR Not ADDICTED! You are just proactively protecting your pecs 😉
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