Giving you all this flavor Darling…

Even though Stone Fruit was forced by coffee fanatics to unveil their fall drink menu, even before the leaves took the plunge. I am proud to say that…wait for it, it is officially…FALL!!!!  OFFICIALLY!!!!


It’s the Autumn equinox, the pagan holiday of Mabon and the Jewish celebration Yom Kippur!

While our Jewish friends spend the rest of the day praying and fasting, our witchy friends will no doubt be walking mill creek trails by day and watching “The Craft” by night!

Leaving the rest  of us to finally drop the black sunglasses, and order a damn pumpkin spice latte sans the embarrassment of preseason drinking! So go get your pumpkin on, you’ve earned it.
Now that the pools are closed and hardy mums compete for retail space with spiced pine cones, I am  just now realizing that the summer #Fitissexy season is over.

And to be honest, now I  feel torn between eating one or two more White House doughnuts and “sure lets just skip the ab workouts”… Only to find myself in a tank top by noon!

Like mama said “going through the change will kill a betch!” Although I don’t think she was talking about seasonal affective disorder.

So, here I am getting ready for fat pants, harvest moons, hay rides and the hair raising series Ash vs The Evil Dead by 1820 House Candle light !

With all the soon to be Amber color and flavors in the air, I thought I would take a moment and make sure you know what kind of flavored coffee beans SF offers.

Just in-case your coffee cupboard needs a flavor change to go with all your new fierce wool and chunky knits you’re going to be rock’n this season!!!

To make your shopping quick and easy. Here a direct link to order off the SF webpage :

There are only three flavors and they are all a nice medium roast with a great jolt of caffeine.

But I have a feeling that after this Fall more custom favors will be flooding your taste buds in no time!

As my Husbear would say “I need a caramel option” then Bomb City is the bag for you, it also has little pops of butterscotch and hazelnut notes that are fully realized on the exhalation.

Now if you’re like me you might enjoy the rich and bold flavor of the French Vanilla.

Lastly, we have a classically gorgeous Hazelnut that will keep even the most discerning of coffee connoisseur begging for a refill!

At seven bucks a bag you will hardly break the bank so try them all and give us your seasonal suggestions!!!

With coffee scented kisses

The Overly Caffeinated Blogger