Franklin & Friends

She was the $20 special from Roger’s flea market, that nobody wanted. But soon after meeting her, she was the kind of dog that everyone wanted to take home and to work with them in the morning. Now all that remains is a pink and blue argyle collar hanging from our key ring board, in the hallway of the home.

This past weekend was bitter and all that are left are the sweet memories of her. The Husbear and I had to let go of our dear friend, Shelby. After 13 years of cuddling in bed, secret treats, and trail walks. Shelby’s work was done. The details of her passing are the least important part of her life and are still too hard to talk about.

But I would like to send out a big heartfelt “Thank you” to Crago Veterinary Center on Market Street, the medical care and loving compassion of Dr. J. Wendy Smith was truly incredible and helped our family and friends through this difficult moment. Check the good doctor on the link below, if your fur babies are looking for a great vet:!dr-smith/c1qww

Shelby as I said was a Rogers’s flea market rescue and even though she was not the ideal dog that was sought after, a border collie mix. Her personality was so prominently displayed through eye contact, head turns and tail wags. That at times, she seemed like the kind of dog you could sit down and have cup a coffee with.

In memory of Shelby and the diva that she was. I want to tell you about Stone Fruit’s “Franklin and Friends.”

This small bag of beans is over flowing with a hickory flavor, and subtle chocolate undertones. The beans are a medium to dark roast and the bag retails for $7.

What really makes this soon to be cup of coffee sing, is a portion of the sale of this bag of coffee supports local dog rescue efforts in the Youngstown area. With so many puppy mills out there it is easy to look past the older dogs that need a good home and head straight for the babies. (Rescue groups are full of adorable puppies in need of homes too.)

Now, I am just as guilty of getting on Youtube or Facebook to look at the small pups rolling around like little drunks on the floor in video clips.

While puppies are absolutely adorable and intoxicating, there is something wonderful to be said about any dog you bring into your home. Bonds will be formed regardless of the age or even if it’s a breed that you think you may not enjoy. I personally have always loved “purse dogs” and never thought that I would want a Scottish “working dog” taking over half of the bed. But with my Shelby now gone on to the rainbow road and away from our day to day life. I have already started looking at the rescue sites online to find our next baby, no doubt it will be a border collie rescue!

So grab a bag of “Franklin and Friends”! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Stone Fruit sponsored “adoptapalooza “ and to help you out, if in fact you are looking for a dog, cat, pig, or rat. Check out some of these site below to rescue your next friend.

In Loving memory of Dogs and their paw print on our hearts,

The overly caffeinated blogger.