Aeropress Brewing


Although unusual, the AeroPress is an excellent way to brew coffee at home and on the go. The AeroPress may be cheap, durable, and portable, but it can make a great cup of strong coffee quickly and conveniently. An AeroPress combines the two brewing methods of steeping coffee and water like a French Press and using a piston to push water through the grounds and filter paper.


Begin by measuring out 15-17 grams of coffee and grinding it right before you start brewing. AeroPress calls for a fine grind, slightly finer than that for drip coffee.


You will now begin to assemble your AeroPress, making sure the device is dry since any residual moisture can compromise the device's seal. Place the piston upside down into the brewer (about 3/4 inch). The top of the plunger will rest flat on your scale. The numbers should appear upside down.


Place a little paper into the filter holder. Place the holder in your mug and rinses the filter with hot water.


Next, add the ground coffee into your AeroPress.


Now add the desired amount of hot water (approximately 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit) into your AeroPress. We recommend using double the volume of water to grounds. For example if you used 15 grams of coffee, use 30 grams of water.


Using the AeroPress paddle, gently immerse the grounds. The goal is to saturate the grounds and not stir them. Allow the coffee to rest for 30 seconds using your timer.


Add another 160 grams of hot water.


Begin your timer and allow the coffee to rest for 1 minute.


After the minute has elapsed, give your coffee 10 vigorous stirs.

STEP 10.

Place the filter holder containing the rinsed filter on to the brewer and screw it on tightly, being sure to be careful since the coffee in the brewer is extremely hot.

STEP 11.

Flip your AeroPress over quickly and with control. Place the AeroPress on your mug and begin applying downward pressure on the piston. You should feel about 30 pounds of resistance here. If the pressure feels too easy, the grind is probably too coarse. If the pressure feels too hard, the grind is probably too fine. Your coffee is fully brewed when you begin to hear a hissing sound, meaning there is no more water left to be pushed through.

STEP 12.

Flip your brewer back to upright. It's now time to enjoy your brew! If the brew is too strong you can dilute it with hot water to taste. Be sure to empty, rinse, and thoroughly dry your AeroPress after use.