Christmas In September

Christmas shopping has begun and you are already late….

Each morning around 6 am, while waiting the epic five minutes that it takes for my delicious Frankenstein coffee to steep, you can usually find me standing in my kitchen scrolling through Facebook posts and staring at the kitchen timer through blood shot eyes.

This morning proved to be especially hellish, as I notice not one but two of my “friends” have already finished. Their . CHRISTMAS! S H O P P I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! WHAT??????? It’s not even fall!

Yea, I said it. The word that shall not be said, Christmas… Like Lord Voldemort, its always hanging around in everyone’s mind. Causing concern and dismay each time the gold and glittery word is uttered. But facts are facts. With only 98 days left to shop, some Americans are already crossing the finishing line at the check out counter and making this year, the one year that they finally stop procrastinating and get serious about gift giving.

Maybe your like me, and every year and I do mean every year. I  find myself standing in the kitchen at some ugly sweater party, drunk and sweating my Santa hat off with paranoia. Because I once again, I only have a week left and more names on my shopping list than when I started?!?!?!?

Well, I have got some great news! This weekend I am getting out my Christmas cash and I am going to down to the Rust Belt Made Makers Pop-Up Market on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20th from 11-4pm, once there I am going to get hit all 30+, yes 30+ vendors and get my gift giving on hunny!!!

Sure, it seems weird to start Christmas shopping now, but when you buy at local markets like the one being held in Stone Fruit Coffee Company’s parking lot. You are not only telling your friends and neighbors that yes you do in fact support small handcrafted businesses, thank you very much. But you are also telling the big chain stores that end in Mart, that this year you will not find me running up and down the aisle in the madness of red light and one day door buster specials!!! Because I have already spent all my holiday dough and have only come out on Black Friday for the shit show that is bound to ensue.

So, who are these 30 vendors that are going to be tempting the tens and twenties out of your wallet? Well, me and the husbear have gone to the last pop up market at Stone Fruit and I have decided to wet your appetite with a few of the vendors that we had that pleasure of meeting and shopping at. Check out some.. (I am not telling you everyone who will be there, hello, don’t you want a few surprises in life?) of the names on the list below and creep on their home page, hopefully you will be their biggest fan by Sunday. Make sure to get your coffee first, the line fills up and over flows right out the door. Trust me 😉

!!!See you there!!!!
With cash and coffee in hand
~The overly caffeinated blogger

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