“Good Coffee”

Sometimes, when I think of her I go back to the memory of her in the kitchen making coffee. The first image that comes to mind is her Mexican hand with red acrylic nails gripping a 2% gallon milk jug with the blue label. Two maybe three heaping and I do mean over flowing teaspoons Read More

National Coffee Day

OMG! It’s National where can I get a freebie day? From South Africa to Austria, from the United States to Sweden, today is National Coffee Day, and your Overly Caffeinated Blogger could care less. WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???! National Coffee Day is one of those glorious made up holidays like “Sweetest Day” that keep big chain business Read More

Giving you all this flavor Darling…

Even though Stone Fruit was forced by coffee fanatics to unveil their fall drink menu, even before the leaves took the plunge. I am proud to say that…wait for it, it is officially…FALL!!!!  OFFICIALLY!!!! Yasssssssss!! It’s the Autumn equinox, the pagan holiday of Mabon and the Jewish celebration Yom Kippur! While our Jewish friends spend Read More

Franklin & Friends

She was the $20 special from Roger’s flea market, that nobody wanted. But soon after meeting her, she was the kind of dog that everyone wanted to take home and to work with them in the morning. Now all that remains is a pink and blue argyle collar hanging from our key ring board, in Read More

Sweet Jenny

38 years ago, Ethiopia dropped its diplomatic relations with Somalia, while at the same time President Carter and General Herrera signed the Panama Canal treaties. The Mary Tyler Moore show ended its deal with CBS and the beloved series closed with tears and laughter. The Cleveland Indians had just played the Yankees, just around the Read More

Christmas In September

Christmas shopping has begun and you are already late…. Each morning around 6 am, while waiting the epic five minutes that it takes for my delicious Frankenstein coffee to steep, you can usually find me standing in my kitchen scrolling through Facebook posts and staring at the kitchen timer through blood shot eyes. This morning Read More

Sip Into Fall

With a chilly pink nose and buried under several blankets, (mostly because the A/C is still on full blast I might add.) I awoke this morning, with the lyrics of The Fabulous ETTA JAMES “At Last My Love Has Come Along…”playing on a loop in my mind. James’ words inspired me to kick off the Read More

Get up Close & Personal with Our Overly Caffeinated Blogger

Our overly caffeinated blogger keeps us thoroughly entertained with his endless witty banter, so lets get to know him a little better!   Background : Glittered YSU Alum Interests outside of StoneFruit: Step Aerobics, E-Ciggs, RuPauls Drag Race, cold weather, and nightly knitting Favorite Quote: “…and the coffee is just water dressed in brown…” – Read More