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  • WickPerk

    Wick Perk

    No lineup of Youngstown themed coffees would be complete without the historical Wick Park neighborhood being included. As Youngstown continued to industrialize, the wealthier and more affluent business families sought more secluded homes away from the steel mills. Although many of these families have since moved on, their original mansions still remain, serving as homes Read More

  • Idora

    Idora Perk

    Acting as a major attraction in the North Eastern Ohio area was Idora Park, which opened in 1899 and closed its doors for good in 1984. Many remember spending their childhood enjoying the roller coasters and other rides the park housed. However, as the Youngstown area fell into economic decline the park too fell under Read More

  • RustBelt

    Rust Belt

    Steel producing cities such as Youngstown lie at the heart and soul of the Rust Belt, which covers the areas that are characterized by declining industries and aging factories. However, the Rust Belt now also represents a movement to rebuild from the grit and strive economically. Notes: tart lemon, toffee, cherry, and nutty. Net Wt. Read More

  • BlackMonday

    Black Monday

    Perhaps one of our darkest roasts, Black Monday pays tribute to one of the darkest days in Youngstown history. On September 19, 1977 Youngstown Sheet and Tube announced they would be shutting down most of their Youngstown operations. This instantly put 5,000 workers out of work and this date became known as ‘Black Monday’. This Read More

  • Lincoln

    Lincoln Avenue

    Lincoln Avenue runs along the campus of Youngstown State University and is where many of our crew had the pleasure of meeting one another. From walking along campus, sharing ideas, and sipping coffee, this coffee is a must for any student or alumni. Notes: herbal and nutty. Net Wt. 8 oz.

  • FedSt

    Federal Street

    Federal Street is the center of downtown Youngstown that houses many city buildings, restaurants, bars, and housing. If you visit the city of Youngstown, stopping along Federal Street is a must. Notes: sweet with toffee, and tart lemon. Net Wt. 8 oz.

  • Smokey

    Smoky Hollow

    Smoky Hollow is a neighborhood in Youngstown whose name derived from the fact that the area was often covered in smoke from the nearby iron company. This area began to build up quickly during the steel boom and many immigrants settled here, including many Italian Americans. Our roasters could not pass up the chance to Read More

  • BrierHill

    Brier Hill

    Brier Hill is a neighborhood in Youngstown that served as the melting pot of ethnic backgrounds from the 1920’s on. It was an integral part of the industrial community and still acts as such today. This blend was created to honor the family roots of many of our baristas. Notes: soft with light floral, citric, Read More

  • TechBelt

    Tech Belt

    Youngstown’s rebirth is transforming the area from the Rust Belt to the Tech Belt. This blend pays tribute to the technology movement in Youngstown, Ohio that is creating jobs in cutting edge manufacturing and technologies, as well as the nationally recognized Youngstown Business Incubator. This espresso blend is created using 3 different beans, that coincide Read More

  • Steel

    Steel City

    “Everybody breathing dirt, eating dirt-they call it ‘pay dirt,’ for Youngstown clean would be Youngstown out of work.” – Frank Bohn The steel industry dominated every aspect of life in Youngstown and has been the epicenter for the rise and fall of the city. As Youngstown undergoes a rebirth from its economic downfall, we pay Read More