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  • Nicaragua SHG EP

    Nicaragua SHG EP

    Variety: Caturra and Bourbon       Altitude: 1300 masl        Processing: Washed        Notes: earthy, grass, and tobacco.  Net Wt. 8 oz.

  • Guatemala Huehuetenango Waykan

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Waykan

    Region: Huehuetenango         Variety: Caturra        Altitude: 1100-1800 masl        Processing: Fully Washed        Notes: tart lemon, toffee, cherry, and nutty. Net Wt. 8 oz.

  • El Salvador Potrero Grande

    El Salvador Potrero Grande

    Region: Potrero Grande        Variety: Bourbon        Altitude: 1425-1475 masl        Process:Washed        Notes: toffee and citric acid with a smooth mouthfeel, and mild, nutty aftertaste.  Net Wt. 8 oz.

  • Indian Monsooned Malabar

    Indian Monsooned Malabar

    Processing: Monsooning      Makes for a great espresso blend and pulls great crema.    Notes: Spicy, Hickory, and smooth mouthfeel with hints of chocolate.  Net Wt. 8 oz.


    Sumatra Harimau Tiger

    Region: North Sumatra        Variety: Mandheling        Altitude: 1500 masl        Process: Wet Hulled        Notes: Good citric acidity, sweet cedar and some earthiness.  Net Wt. 8 oz.